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QSyncMobile - Download & update

QSyncMobile v1.0


Install app for server and client (executable)

Mobile Client

Open this page with your mobile phone

Installation - Cost free 30 days test key

QSyncMobile needs a license key to work. Please enter your email address below to receive a cost free 30 days license key. 

Your email address 

We will not contact you otherwise using the email address provided here and will not use it for marketing.

The installation comes with client and server component. The client can either be copied to your mobile device or installed via the web at www.olfolders.d/m

  • Please execute the downloaded installation after download.

  • Please read the user manual for instructions how to set up the software.

Updates are cost free, please re-download the updated version.


Please note: Eventually the firewall will display a dialog on first start, please allow access, otherwise the program will not work.

Test license

After download, you should query for a test license code. The server application will not work without any license code. The test license is cost free and works for 30 days with any number of mobile phones.

Program update

All updates are cost free. If you want to update your software, simple download the newer version and install it. The data and your license codes will be active automatically.

QSyncMobile: Update Historie

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