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OLfax - Email-to-Fax Solution for Microsoft Outlook and AVM FRITZ!




Price € 30,17

Send and receive Fax via email.

OLfax is the perfect solution for companies which relay on communication via fax. Each user is able to receive incoming faxes via email and to respond to faxes via email. If more than one telephone line is available for fax, different users can connect to different fax lines. OLfax also works as a single computer solution without a network.

OLfax is a gateway between email and fax, it allows writing faxes by writing an email to a email special recipient which in turn prints the incoming email against the fax printer and sends it to the given recipient. On the other hand, incoming faxes from certain numbers are forwarded to a list of recipients.

On sending faxes, templates are used which turn a simple email into a fax containing company logo, address, telephone and fax numbers etc. automatically. All incoming and outgoing faxes are converted into Outlook objects and can be shared via Exchange, OLfolders or any other sharing solution.

OLfax is simple to install and to use. At the Client no software installation is required because OLfax is using standard protocols SMTP and POP3. For Outlook a fax transport provider provides easier usage of OLfax.

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Features and Options

  • Send and receive faxes using a AVM FRITZ! at a server via email

  • Fax templates automatically convert text emails into a fax containing company logo, address, email etc.

  • Forward Incoming faxes via email. If more than one MSN (Fax number) is available, forward faxes sent to a given msn to a certain user.

  • In combination with an Exchange Server, OLfolders or similar programs all incoming and outgoing faxes can be viewed in a shared folder.

  • Supports MS Exchange Server.

  • Allows sending faxes to multiple recipients.

  • Using the fax transport provider, the fax number in the address book can be used to send faxes.

  • For fax networks - OLfax has its own integrated 'fax email transport'.

  • Supports QuickViewPlus for printing documents to the fax printer



Simple installation and integration in new or existing networks.

  • OLfax integrates easy into existing networks, it is using the standard protocols POP3 and SMTP for exchanging emails with mail clients. An integrated POP3/SMTP server allows usage of OLfax without having a separate mail proxy. If a mail proxy or Exchange Server is already existing, OLfax can be configured to be a client of that mail proxy.

  • OLfax also works on a single computer without a network.

System requirements

  • Any computer running Microsoft Windows

  • AVM Fritz Software

  • Networks:

  • Network card


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