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Networks for Microsoft Office Outlook                                       






1.0 OLfolders License per user

1.1 Additional licence

Existing licences

2.0 OLfolders PE License

2.1 Additional licence (Lizenznachweis erforderlich)

Existing licences

2.2 Update from OLfolders PE to OLfolders


3.0 QSynchronization Licence

Test license for OLfolders, OLfolders PE und QSynchronization
The test licence unlocks the server for 30 days for any number of users.

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OLfolders or OLfolders PE|Example: Outlook network for 5 users - how many licences do I need?

Peer-to-peer network To network 5 Outlook computers (users), one of which is centrally the 'OLfolders server' at the same time, you need 4 licences. The 'OLfolders server computer' (arbitrarily selectable) can access its own 'Outlook data.pst' directly and therefore does not need a licence.
Client-Server Network | If you use a central (dedicated) server workstation for the 'OLfolders Server', on which Outlook must also be set up, you need exactly as many licences as clients (users) are connected to the system - i.e. 5 licences for the 5 Outlook computers (users).
Graduated prices
OLfolders and OLfolders PE in the network - the higher the number of licences, the lower the price per licence.
OLfolders, OLfolders PE and QSynchronization: Licence and price information (PDF)


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