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Firewalls and other possible blockades in networks

Attention: OLfolders and OLfolders PE will not work, if it is blocked by a Firewall!

OLfolders and Firewalls

If you have an active Firewall in your network, you may experience that Olfolders refuses to connect to the other computer or to the server. In this case, usually the traffic is blocked by a firewall, for examle the Windows Firewall, PCCillin, Norton Internet Security and many others.

In order to find how to configure your firewall properly we re-commend the following

  • Start OLfolders Administrator at the client (Found in OLfolders PRO in the start menu under tools). If you start this, you may see a dialog from a firewall asking to block this program. We should not block nor OLWServer.exe, Outlook nor OLWAdmin.exe.
    If you see the dialog, you may find out which firewall is blocking, this is usually written in the window title.

  • If you can not connect with OLfolders Administrator, please start OLfolders Administrator from the server. If the server connects without problems, the firewall must be configured at the client.

  • At the server, try to create a local connection from within Outlook: Tools/OLfolders/Connect to server, enter localhost as the server name and try to connect or at least drop down the users. If you can drop down the users in OLfolders PRO, the connection is OK.

  • Try turning off all firewalls and re-start OLfolders Server, then try again connection from Outlook and OLfolders Administrator.

  • If you now can connect, you should configure the firewall properly, depending on what firewall(s) you are running configuration may be different.

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