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QMailFilter (free of charge) for Microsoft Office Outlook

QMailFilter - Anti-Junk and Anti-Virus filter for incoming emails.

It is an easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook add-on designed to provide an advanced intelligent protection against junk-mails, viruses, unsolicited emails. The program uses Bayesian filtering technology that identifies about 99% of incoming junk messages. QMailFilter seamlessly integrates into the MS Outlook, scanning all incoming emails. Emails identified as junk are moved to the Junk Email folder.

The virus filter is not based on large virus data bases but on rules, for example all emails with attachments containing double extensions, for example a zip file containing the file "your invoice.doc.exe" is deleted automatically, as well as all emails containing .pif files.

All words in all emails are examined against a data base containing probability of a word is a word frequently used in junk emails or frequently used in normal emails. The combined probability decides if an incoming email is considered as junk.

The rules based filter allows also to check the senders IP address against block lists or filter certain words out of the email.

After installation, you need to train the filter with your emails, for example the sent items and the inbox as at the one side and the junk mail and deleted objects at the other side. This way, QMailFilter will create the initial data base allowing it to find out if a given email is wanted or unwanted.

All new emails are now automatically moved to the Junk Email folder, if the filter did not recognize a junk or at the other hand recognizes a wanted email as junk, simply move it to the correct filter and re-train the filter. If the filter is already trained, it will examine only new emails.

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Highlights / Features

Get rid of junk and email viruses, before they cause damage and costs, but never lose an important email.

  • Self learning anti-Junk filter by "training" (Bayes-Filter from Paul Graham)

  • Adaptable rule-based filter

  • Extended new mail notification dialog. The new mail notification opens only on non-junk emails and displays more details on new emails.

  • Auto sort emails. Automatically moves emails to existing email folders, for example all newsletters can be moved into a special folder without creating rules. Auto looks which emails are in existing folders and automatically moves emails from the same sender to the same folder.

  • Hit rate of the Junk and virus filter directly with the receipt of emails:

  • Hit ratio for the recognition of virus emails: 99%,

  • Hit ratio for the recognition of advertising emails 90-99% with a minimum error rate.

  • Remove from dangerous HTML code (Web-bugs) directly with the receipt of a email


QMailFilter in Outlook teams: Simple installation for new, or integration into already existing MS Outlook networks.

Single use with an industry standard PC and MS Windows and Outlook.


Junk and virus protection for:

MS Windows

Windows 7








MS Outlook








Exchange Server





Windows Server





Terminal server

Terminal services

QMailFilter works with all versions of Windows and Outlook.


QMailFilter Download

QMailfilter is free of charge available under the following address:

QMailfilter: to Download

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