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OLfix - Download Information | Freeware for Outlook, Outlook repair software for Office Outlook


OLfix v1.7


Download OLfix.exe


EXE-file (871 KB).

32-bit version.

OLfix v1.7


Download OLfix64.exe


EXE-file (871 KB).

64-bit version. 

Be sure to use the 64-bit version only with 64-bit Version of Outlook (e.g. Outlook 2010, 2013 or newer).

System requirements:
All windows versions and any version of Outlook. Outlook 97 - Outlook 2019, 32 or 64-bit.

OLfix will not install anything on your computer, it is just an exe file with all the functions. You can execute it right from the web site to fix some problems in your Outloook or save it for later use.


It  can be placed in any directory, for example at your desktop. If you installed OLfolders, you find a copy of it in your start menu: Start/Programs/Quester/OLfolders/Tools.


You can start OLfix right from our web page without installation, this will download and execute a single exe file.

New: SCANPST call on the command line to automate: With cmdscan.exe you are able to check/repair all files in a batch file. The program calls SCANPST and passes the parameters as if someone would enter them, monitored the process and automatically clicks on the right button, the file if a repair is needed.





cd "\Documents and Settings\Username\Local settings\Application data\Microsoft\Outlook"

cmdscan Outlook.pst

cmdscan Outlook1.pst



Download:  ZIP-file (36 KB)


You are granted to publish CopyPST, OLFix and CMDSCAN in books or computer magazines. We only ask for a notice and a copy of the book or magazin. The published material must be the unmodified version downloaded from our web site and should contain a link to us (for example: found at

OLfix link
OLfix download link on File Fishstick